Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pat Browns Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

So this is a criminal profile? I would expect a criminal profiler with any integrity, to work with law enforcement using information directly from an ongoing investigation. That contribution not made public unless the law enforcement agency demanded it.

Yet here we have a profile constructed from investigative information that has been concluded by the Portuguese prosecutor as having no evidence to determine a crime, let alone suspects for a crime and therefore has no validation to be tested in court.

Since when does a criminal profiler use a case to propagate actions ensuring witnesses are tested in the court of public justice; mob rule?

Pat Brown, how professional must you be to plant yourself on a case you have not been invited to contribute to, by law enforcement. To use information from the files, translated with different meanings depending on which site you found the translations. Mixed with insinuations by those who are prejudiced against the McCann’s on two bigoted websites and the beliefs of the former PJ inspector who lead the investigation, Goncalo Amaral, who is now a convicted criminal?

I believe you are fully aware that your peers and former mentor’s will hang their heads in shame at you. But I don’t believe that matters at all, when your agenda is clearly to seek publicity in the media and on the small screen to further your business of ‘controversial criminal profiler’ to increase TV ratings and ultimately, your income.

Was professional profiling with respect and integrity not lucrative enough for you?