Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Jim Gamble Resigns From CEOP

Child abduction, exploitation and abuse has historically been low down in the list of government priorities in this country. Having spoken to parents of missing children and charity workers, the hunger for support is huge. The very few charities that offer support are all that has been available.

The CEOP and Gamble offered a professional and well organised standard of support and prevention to the general public. It was an extremely positive application to protect exploited and abused children, not stopping there; going on to offer support for those who, before CEOP, it was too late.

At the end of the day, it should come as no surprise that money talks with government policies and sadly the latest changes being made as to who runs CEOP is a step nearer to it being at risk of being cut back or chopped altogether if cut backs are required.

So it could be back to charities and volunteers to plead for help and provide support. Saddest of all, left to the parents and families of the missing themselves to only have those few charities and volunteer support groups for help. That doesn't devalue those charities at all. It actually compounds how important they are. It compounds how important they need government backing.

This is why it was such a positive battle won for the parents of missing children. The battle to get Amber recognised Europe wide with awareness and ground level support from parents of a missing child, Kate and Gerry McCann. Kate and Gerry have not only had to deal with their loss but have used their tragedy to help massively all other missing children and those groups who support and really, really, need that help.

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